Welcome to my personal website!

I'm a cosmologist at Heidelberg University, where I work mainly on exploring fundamental properties of the Cosmos using galaxy clusters and gravitational lensing. With my collaborators, I am developing new physical methods, data analysis algorithms and modelling approaches that help better understanding the cluster population in order to solve key questions of cosmology at various frontiers. I like combining smart methodical strategies with fast and powerful computer algorithms in order to get deep physical insights out of large datasets and better understand certain modelling assumptions.
(see Research for more details on these projects).

Apart from my research, I am highly interested in promoting scientific exchange both among, across and beyond institutes; and communicating scientific research to the interested public. I am (co-)organising a joint research seminar on current topics in physics & cosmology between three different institutes (ITA, ITP, ARI), which has become part of the course program at Heidelberg University. In my free time, I give public talks and develop a blog on science communication that is currently under construction. The blog project will focus on explaining advanced science topics to a broad audience, showing interconnections between subjects, and linking different pieces of knowledge together into a meaningful whole.

My second big passion consists in graphics & webdesign, software and combining the world of multimedia with algorithms. A piece of art and a computer program can both be seen as different forms of communication. Communication follows certain rules and requires an understanding of how to develop, connect and exchange concepts and ideas such that a coherent story or a successful application is formed. Analysing and engineering these concepts and tools is one of my big interests. I am professionally experienced in the field of digital image processing and video production, where I was able to contribute to several projects.

My further interests include arts, philosophy and politics. I like painting, playing guitar, reading books, cooking and enjoying good food. :-)

More contents will follow soon. Have fun browsing!

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