Welcome to my personal website! Here, I share various projects and documents.

I'm interested in cosmology, theoretical physics and the (creative) exchange of ideas and knowledge, both within the physics community and across its boundaries. As a scientist at Heidelberg University, I have been privileged to learn from the leading experts in various fields; and to contribute actively to cosmological research at its frontiers. My research topics are galaxy clusters, dark matter and dark energy. I'm working on understanding these topics better through a number of cluster observables, including most prominently the strong gravitational lensing effect (for details, see Research).

In order to promote scientific exchange across the boundaries of research groups, I am co-organising a cosmology research seminar joining three different institutes (ITA, ITP, ARI). Apart from my work, I give talks for the general public and am currently developing a blog on science communication of advanced physics and cosmology subjects to a broader audience, with a particular focus on the interconnections/relations between different fields and their link to fundamental laws of nature.

Other hobbies I enjoy include software development (mostly python and C/C++), webdesign and graphic design. For some time, I worked in the field of media design, digital image processing and video production, where I was lucky to gain practical experience in various video projects. Besides, I enjoy painting artworks, playing guitar (for fun only), cooking, and enjoying culture and good food. :-)

More contents will follow soon. Have fun browsing!

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