Welcome to my personal website! Here, I share various projects and documents.

I'm interested in cosmology, theoretical physics and in the exchange of scientific ideas, both within the physics community and regarding the communication of science to the interested public. As a student of the ITA/ITP cosmology research group in Heidelberg, I have been privileged to learn from highly renowned experts leading in their fields and to make active contributions to scientific research at its frontiers. My research focuses on gravitational lensing, dark matter and on advanced methods to detect and characterize galaxy clusters for cosmology and fundamental physics (for details, see Research). In order to further promote the scientific exchange across the boundaries of research groups, I am co-organising a cosmology research seminar joining three working groups at our institute, and I am spending time on projects aimed at science communication.

In my free time, I give public talks and contribute to various projects related to the interdisciplinary exchange and communication of knowledge, with a particular focus on physics, astronomy, software development, technology and its impact on the society. One of my biggest current projects is an upcoming literature and blog project, which aims at explaning advanced physics and cosmology subjects to a broader audience, with a particular focus on interconnections between the various fields of physics and their link to fundamental laws of nature.

Other hobbies that I enjoy include software development (mostly python and C/C++), webdesign and graphic design. For some time, I worked in the field of media design, digital image processing and video production, where I even gained professional experience in camera operation, editing and post-production. Besides, I enjoy painting artworks, playing guitar (for fun only), cooking and enjoying life. :-)

More contents will follow soon. Have fun browsing!

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